Bullet Proof Items

Bullet Proof Items

Bullet Proof
Bullet Proof

Bullet Proof

ART NO : Bullet-Proof-102
Detail :


Blade Cut Resistance
EN 388 :2016 Level 5 (the highest possible)
ISO 13997 :1999 Level 5 (the highest possible)
ASTM F 1790 -05 Level 4
EN 388 :2016 Level 4 (the highest possible)

Product feature
no metal fiber, pass metal detector with ease.
Include NIJ Level IIIA panel and shock absorption sheet

Include inner side of cut-resistance fabric
Multiple mezzanine with Molle system

Product material

Cut-resistance fabric:
PE, polyester, fiber glass, flexible fibric
Ballistic panel: UHMWPE
Impact absorption sheer: PU

Quantity :

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