About Us

About Us

GILLANI  is a World Renowned recognized Company in a Field of  Gloves Manufacturing and has made a High Profile Identity by bringing Excellence in Glove’s Quality Standards since 1992. With an Excellent Beginning now our Company has earned a Remarkable & Legendary Name in Gloves Industry all over the World. As a Glove’s Professional our Company has achieved Numerous Goals/Targets specially in a wide range of Gloves, Motorbike Garments, Snow Boarding Apparels, Sportswear, Bags, Bullet Proof Products & Work Wear to make it more innovative, Technical, Protective and  Comfortable with the Durable for end users. We would like to share our Sincere Gratitude from the Core of our Hearts to our Honorable Business   Partners/Customers for their Trust & Faith on our Company for Decades and also for Supporting our  Company to make a Strong Business Bonding Mutually with us to Multiply the Success Rate of our Company Business in coming Future.


Director's Message

I Muhammad Jawad want (Our Honourable Business Partners)
To know how much, I appreciate your valuable contribution, ideas & support in achieving high successful business level of our company throughout the years. I want to thanks for showing your trust & faith on us by having business deals/projects to increase the business circle rating of our company.

Business Partners (like you are the keys for a successful business history). Thanks for all your advices & being stay with us in every circumstance to take tough decisions with your kind understanding. I take this opportunity to thank you and to wish you great upcoming years ahead.

Thank you for following our board, hope you will find many unique items which will inspire you.

It will be a great pleasure for doing business with your company.

I wish you a successful business in future.

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